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Loetscher Chalet Style One Day Cuckoo Clock with Cow, Ibex and Children on Moving Seesaw - Medium Size
Loetscher The Seesaw, the Cow and the Ibex Chalet Cuckoo Clock 2213 Front

Loetscher Chalet Style One Day Cuckoo Clock with Cow, Ibex and Children on Moving Seesaw - Medium Size

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Part Number:2213
  • Made by the innovative Rombach & Haas brand
  • Hand made by master craftsman in the Black Forest of Germany
  • All brass One Day mechanical "Regula" movement
  • Cuckoo bird "cuckoos" the hour at the top of every hour
  • Minimalist chic design - black lacquer finish with stag motif
  • Sound shut-off function
  • This clock is 8" tall by 5.5" across - small size
  • Two year limited warranty
  • For more details please see the full description below
This superbly crafted one day, "Emmental" style, Swiss cuckoo clock has a slightly different take on the classic chalet design. Front and center on the clock, above the clock face, you will see a boy and a girl playing on a seesaw that moves up and down in rhythm with the clocks ticking. Under the children, on the left of the clock is a large friesian, diary cow with big round eyes, happily looking on. To the right of the scene there is a wild mountain ibex and a hand-carved flagpole with the Swiss flag proudly flying at the top of it. As the cuckoo calls calls the hour, the ibex will leap joyfully into the air, the cow will nod her head and to top it all off, a chimney sweep (completely black with soot!) will pop up, out of the chimney at the top of the chalet. There is a lot going on here!

On every hour the cuckoo bird emerges from a swinging door above the clock dial and counts the hour by cuckooing once per hour (example: at one o'clock the bird will cuckoo once. At eight o'clock the bird will cuckoo eight times). The half hour is announced with one cuckoo call. There is a sound shut-off device beneath the base of the cuckoo clock. Pushing the lever up disables the cuckoo birds cuckoo. Pulling the lever down enables the cuckoo clock to call.

Two cast iron pine cone weights are suspended beneath the clock case by two separate brass chains. The hand-made pendulum continuously swings back and forth controlling the timing of the clock. If your cuckoo clock's timing should ever need adjustment, you can control the speed of your clock by sliding the pendulum up or down the pendulum stick. Sliding the pendulum weight down causes the cuckoo clock to run slightly slower, while sliding it up makes the cuckoo clock run slightly faster.

Powered by a 24 hour all brass mechanical "Regula" movement, this clock is wound quickly and easily once per day by simply pulling on the chains to raise the two pine cone weights. One weight powers the time and the other weight powers the children on the seesaw, the cow's head, ibex, the cuckoo and cuckoo call.
Official Swiss Made Cuckoo Clock Certificate

This clock is 11 inches in height and 9 inches across as you look at it. As such this fits into our "medium" size clock filter.

*Great effort has been made to portray each cuckoo clock as accurately as possible. However, as with any handmade item, the exact coloration and carving may vary slightly from clock-to-clock. We consider this to be a special part of their character and will make the one you purchase unique to you, and only you. This clock is covered by a three year limited warranty covering workmanship and manufacturers defects.

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