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Swiss Cuckoo Clocks

Welcome to our Swiss Cuckoo Clock category. We are very proud to say that Cuckoo Clock Emporium is the only online retailer to carry Lotscher, one of the two cuckoo clock manufacturers located in Switzerland. By all means, look around at our competition but you won't find Swiss cuckoo clocks available anywhere else apart from with the manufacturer themselves.

As you search through the clocks we have, you will notice that while similar, the cuckoo clocks from Switzerland have distinct differences in style to those from Germany. The Lotscher cuckoo clocks have the traditional chalet style but there are subtle differences, especially with their "emmental" style clocks.

Please use the filters below to hone in on a clock that is right for you. If you are at all unsure what you should filter on then please have a look at our Buyer's Guide to walk your through the process. It isn't long and will quickly take you through all the most pertinent things to look for.