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Top 5 Kitchen Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 1/2/2018 to General Home Decor
Top 5 Kitchen Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Are you planning to decorate your kitchen in the near future? If so, you'll want to avoid making the following mistakes. Regardless of your preferred style, these mistakes will have a negative impact on your home's decor and possibly even its function.

#1) Overlooking the Backsplash

Don't forget to include a backsplash in your kitchen. Rather than choosing just any backsplash, however, you should choose one that's colorful and vibrant. Backsplashes are dual purpose in the sense that they protect the wall from grease while also adding style to the surrounding decor. Because of this, you should choose a backsplash that's stylish and flows cohesively with your home's decor.

#2) Wrong Sized Seating

Make sure the seating in your kitchen is an appropriate size. In other words, don't use short stools for a tall kitchen bar. The seating should be sized proportionately for the application in which it's used. If you can't seem to find the right sized seating, try shopping online. There are dozens of online retailers that specialize in home furnishings and seating.

#3) Clashing Colors

Of course, another decorating mistake that you'll want to avoid making is using colors that clash with one another. Incorporating brown and black into your kitchen, for instance, creates an awkward appearance that does your home no justice. Going back to the basics of home decor 101, brown and black don't go together; therefore, you should avoid using them in the same room. Keep in mind, however, that brown and black is just one of many color combinations that clash.

#4) Mismatching Appliances

In addition to clashing colors, you should also avoid using mismatching appliances in your kitchen. If your refrigerator is stainless steel chrome and your oven range is black, it will hurt the surrounding decor. Ideally, you should stick with a single style for all of your kitchen appliances. Buying a new set of kitchen appliances isn't exactly cheap, but you have to think of it as an investment in your home's future. Furthermore, energy-efficient appliances can pay off in the form of lower utility bills.

#5) Cluttered Counter Tops

Finally, don't make the mistake of leaving your counter tops cluttered. It's not uncommon for homeowners and family members to leave plates, mail and other items on the kitchen counter tops. When this happens, the decor becomes cluttered and unattractive. So, try to get into the habit of cleaning your counter tops on a regular basis.

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