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Tips on Using Crown Molding in the Home

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 6/12/2017 to General Home Decor
Tips on Using Crown Molding in the Home

Crown molding is a brilliant addition to any home. While it doesn't serve any functional purposes -- at least in most applications -- crown molding improves the decor and surrounding aesthetics by "flaring out" finished edges. Builders, contractors and interior decorators typically use it to cap walls and cabinets for this reason. If you're thinking about installing crown molding in your home, though, there are a few things you should know.

The 2 Ways of Installing Crown Molding

Generally speaking, there are two different ways to installing crown molding. The first is to use a compound miter saw to cut the tips of the corner pieces as well as two axes. The other technique is known as "coping," which involves cutting a simple miter and using a coping saw to undercut your miters. Consider the overall scope of your project and what you hope to achieve and choose the installation method that's best suited for your needs.

The Right Color

Don't forget to paint your crown molding the right color after installing it. Most crown molding isn't painted, consisting of nothing more than bare wood. While some homeowners prefer the look of natural wood, others prefer colored crown molding. Assuming you prefer the latter, it's recommended that you paint your crown molding after installing it.

Nail Past Surface

When nailing the crown molding to the wall, hammer it deep enough so the nail is not protruding through the top. Painting can help conceal nails such as this, but it's not 100% effective, as some of the tip will still remain visible. You can hide it, however, by nailing past the surface of your crown molding.

'Faux' Crown Molding with Paint

An alternative to genuine crown molding is to paint the area of the wall a different color to create the appearance of crown molding. This "faux" crown molding isn't crown molding at all. Rather, it uses contrasting colors to make it look like the real deal. Many homeowners prefer this technique because it's easier and cheaper. On the other hand, however, it lacks the unique characteristics of crown molding that it make it so appealing.

Of course, you can always hire a professional to install crown molding in your home instead of trying to do it yourself. They have the tools, experience and skills necessary to do the job right. Even so, you'll still need to consider

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