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Rustic Home Decor Made Easy

Posted by on 10/26/2016 to General Home Decor
Rustic Home Decor Made Easy

Rustic has become one of the most popular styles for home decor. Characterized by natural Earth tones and wooden furnishings, it's the perfect all-around choice for homeowners. So, how exactly do you achieve a genuine rustic style in your home?

Avoid Black

Why should you should avoid using black in your home? While there's nothing wrong with "hints" of black in your decor, this color should be largely avoided when aiming for a rustic style. Rustic embraces natural Earth tones, with a particularly strong emphasis on brown and tan colors. Going back to the basics of home decor 101, brown and black don't match; therefore, you should choose one or the other -- and in this case brown/tan is the clear winner.

Choose Wooden Furniture

If you want to achieve an authentic, genuine rustic style in your home, you should stick with wooden furniture and furnishings. Rustic homes embrace natural materials such as wood, making it ideal for this purpose. Whether it's a coffee table, side table, couch, ottoman, etc., be sure to use wooden furniture throughout your home. This alone will make a world of difference in creating a rustic decor.

Embrace the Natural Sunlight

It's a little-known fact that rustic decor goes hand-in-hand with Eco-friendly practices. So in order to achieve a genuine rustic home, you should embrace the natural sunlight. Perhaps you can pull back the blinds instead of using the overhead lighting during the day. Or you could even go one step further by installing a sunroom in your home. These are both great ways to allow more natural sunlight into your home while setting the tone for a rustic atmosphere.

Comfort Matters

Rust decor isn't all about aesthetics; equally is important is comfort. In other words, you should balance both style and comfort when implementing a rustic theme into your home. Adding comfortable couches and seating to your living room is essential for rustic homes.

Barn and Farm Elements

There's no better way to understand rustic decor than by seeing real-world examples. Thankfully, rustic decor is all around us, with farmhouses and barns exhibiting this style. For this reason, it's recommended that you take a look at some barns and farmhouses to draw inspiration from. You don't have to necessarily copy their design. Rather, use a similar approach with nuanced colors and decorative accessories in your home.

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