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How to Use Neutral Wood Tones and Colors in the Bedroom

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 8/14/2017 to General Home Decor
How to Use Neutral Wood Tones and Colors in the Bedroom

Natural wood tones and colors offer a timeless style when decorating bedrooms. Whether it's oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, walnut or any other wood tone, you can rest assured knowing it will withstand the hands of time for countless years to come. While other styles come and go, natural wood is here to stay. Before decorating you bedroom in wood tones, however, there are a few things you should know to ensure a positive outcome.

Avoid Black Decor

Being that nearly all wood tones are brown (or shades of brown), you should avoid using black decor in your bedroom. As you may already know, brown and black clash when used together. You can use either black or brown in your bedroom decor, but you shouldn't use both. So, avoid using any decorative accessories, furnishings, paint or other elements that include black.

Incorporate Multiple Tones

Rather than using a single wood tone in your bedroom, consider using multiple wood tones. If your bedroom currently has an oak chest of drawers, consider adding a maple-colored desk. Granted, there's no rule stating that you must use multiple wood tones in your bedroom, but doing so is a simple and effective way to enhance the environment with an added touch of style.

Beware of Moisture

There are both pros and cons associated with the use of wood furniture and furnishings in the bedroom. Some of its advantages include a timeless style, high-quality construction and superior aesthetics. On the other hand, however, furniture made of real wood is susceptible to moisture damage. If the humidity is too high in your bedroom, excess moisture will soak into the wood's pores, causing it to warp or even develop mold. To prevent this from happening, maintain a moderate humidity level of 40% to 50%.

With that said, excessively dry air can also damage real wood furniture. If the humidity is too low, dry air will cause wood furniture to, well, dry out. Again, you can prevent this from happening by maintaining a 40% to 50% humidity level in your bedroom.

Focus on a Theme

Finally, try focusing on a theme when decorating your bedroom with wood tones. A rustic theme characterized by wood tones, earth elements and complimenting metallic furnishings is an excellent theme that's guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your bedroom. Of course, this is just one of many decorating themes from which to choose.

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