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How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 6/13/2018 to General Home Decor
How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Does your home feature a popcorn-style ceiling? Also known as stucco ceiling or cottage cheese ceiling, this was once a common feature found in homes. Like many home design practices, though, it has since faded from the limelight. Now, only a small percentage of homes are designed with a popcorn ceiling. If your home has a popcorn ceiling, you should consider removing it. With just a few basic tools and a little work, you can easily remove the popcorn texture while preserving the integrity of your home's ceiling in the process.

Clear and Prepare the Area

Like most other home renovation projects, you should first clear and prepare the area in which you intend to remove the popcorn ceiling. This means moving all major furniture and accessories out of the room, after which you can cover the floor with drop cloths. Why are drop clothes necessary? Well, as you remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling, debris will inevitably fall to the floor below. Without drop cloths, this debris may stain or otherwise damage your floors. So, always cover your floor with drop cloths before attempting to remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling.

Soak the Popcorn Texture

After moving out all furniture and accessories, as well as covering your floor with drop cloths, you should proceed to soak the popcorn texture with a solution of soapy water. To do this, fill a spray bottle with warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Next, spray this solution over the popcorn texture of your ceiling. This will saturate the popcorn texture, allowing you to remove it more easily.

Remove the Popcorn Texture

Once the soapy solution has sat for at least 10 minutes, remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling with a scraping tool. Most home improvement stores sell tools that are designed specifically for this purpose. Known as a ceiling texture scraping tool, it simplifies the process of removing popcorn ceilings. Alternatively, you can use a traditional handheld putty scraper. Regardless of which tool you use, work your way from one end of the ceiling to the other while removing the popcorn texture.

Cleaning Up

When finished, you'll need to go back and clean the area under your ceiling. Even if you used drop cloths, some debris will likely find its way into cracks, corners and other hard-to-reach spaces.

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