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How to Preserve and Protect Wooden Furniture From Damage

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 5/1/2018 to General Home Decor
How to Preserve and Protect Wooden Furniture From Damage

There's no substitution for genuine hardwood in the construction of furniture. Whether it's a dresser, chest of drawers, nightstand, coffee table, end table or practically any type of furniture, hardwood offers an unparalleled level of aesthetics and timeless appealing. Because of this, it's become the preferred furniture material among countless homeowners. However, wood is also susceptible to damage, which is why it's important for owners to follow some basic precautions to protect and preserve their wooden furniture.

Use Beverage Coasters

Assuming you place beverages on it, you should use coasters to protect the furniture's surface. Placing a beverage directly on a piece of wooden furniture may cause water damage. As the moisture perspires from the beverage, it will soak into the furniture. In many cases, you'll a discolored ring around the cup or beverage. Unfortunately, you can't easily remove or repair this ring, so you should prevent it from happening in the first place by using beverage coasters with your wooden furniture.

Regulate Humidity and Temperature

It's important that you regulate the humidity and temperature inside your home. Because of the porous nature of wood, fluctuations in humidity or temperature may cause it to contract or swell. When it's hot and humid, wooden furniture will swell and expand. When it's cool and dry, it will shrink and contract. This back and fourth

Dust It

Of course, you should also dust your wooden furniture on a regular basis. Some people assume that dust is only cosmetic and doesn't cause any physical damage to furniture. Although it's certainly cosmetic, dust can still damage your wooden furniture. As dust accumulates, it encourages the formation of mold and mildew. You may discover a green haze over the surface of your furniture, indicating the presence of mold. By dusting it on a regular basis, though, you'll protect it from this phenomenon.


Perhaps the most important tip to protect and preserve wooden furniture is to polish it. Applying a protective, hydrating furniture polish to the surface will keep it from drying out. Furthermore, it will create a barrier of protection over the surface, preventing the intrusion of moisture or stain-causing compounds. Try to get into the habit of applying a polish to your wooden furniture at least once a month for maximum protection.

Don't let your wooden furniture become damaged.  Follow the tips described here to protect and preserve it from damage.

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