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How to Prepare Your Patio for Fall

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 10/3/2017 to General Home Decor
How to Prepare Your Patio for Fall

In case you didn't get the memo, September 22 marked the first official day of the fall season. With this seasonal transition comes cooler temperatures and shorter days. As a homeowner, you should use this time to update your patio so it reflects the new season. By performing the following steps listed below, you'll have a more aesthetically pleasing and functional patio that's ready for the fall season.

Clean It Up

You can't expect to fully enjoy your patio unless it's clean. And as you may already know, fall is the time of year when trees shed their leaves, resulting in debris blanketing patios, walkways and nearby surfaces. While there's no way to completely protect your patio from fallen debris such as this, you can still keep it clean with a little bit of work. The easiest way to clean fallen leaves off a patio is to use a leaf blower, which you can buy from most home improvement stores for less than $50 bucks. Alternatively, using a push broom will work, though it's a little more tedious and time-consuming.


If you plan on spending time on your patio this fall (or winter), you should install some form of heating. There are portable patio heaters that work well, though another idea is to install a fire pit. Either of these options will allow you to enjoy your patio on those otherwise chilly evenings.

Fall Decor

Of course, you should also use this time to decorate your patio with seasonal fall decor. Placing a few potted plants around your patio can enhance the decor while bringing more life to the environment. Another idea is to place a festive fall wreath on your patio door. Regardless of your preferred decorating method, remember to use fall colors like brown, orange, red, yellow and shades thereof.

Comfortable Seating

Finally, make sure your patio has comfortable seating for the fall season. It's difficult to enjoy your patio without the right seating. You won't be able to host parties or relax, restricting the utility of this otherwise important space. There are dozens of seating options from which to choose, however, some of which include teak lounge chairs, Adirondack chairs, benches, swings, stools and more.

These are just a ways to prepare your patio for fall. By investing a little time and energy into your patio decor, you'll create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your family to enjoy.

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