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How to Decorate the Corners in Your Home

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 2/6/2018 to General Home Decor
How to Decorate the Corners in Your Home

Whether it's the living room, bedroom, dining room or bathroom, corners can prove challenging when decorating your home. With most decorative accessories designed specifically for flat walls, you may struggle to decorate the corners. Of course, one option is to simply ignore them. If you want to create a more complete decor style, though, you should consider the following solutions for decorating corners.

Corner Shelves

One of the easiest, and arguably most effective, ways to decorate corners is to install corner shelves. Unlike traditional shelves, corner shelves feature a unique quarter-circle design, allowing them to fit snugly into corners. Once installed, you can place photos, artwork or other decorative accessories on them. Because of this, they are an excellent, versatile, solution for otherwise barren corners in your home.

Corner Tables

Alternatively, you can decorate corners with a corner table. Like corner shelves, they are also designed with a quarter-circle shape. You simply push the table into the corner, at which point it can be used for decorative or aesthetic purposes.

Corner tables are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes and sizes. When choosing a corner table, stick with a style and finish that matches the surrounding decor. For the height, choose a table that's tall enough so you won't accidentally bump it when walking, yet still short enough it can easily be accessed and used.


A houseplant is another excellent solution for decorating corners. Houseplants are colorful, unique, attractive, and they even filter impurities from the air. The key thing to remember is that you should choose a houseplant that's relatively tall and skinny. If it's short and fat, it won't fit easily into the corner. But if it's tall and skinny, it will create a natural fit while simultaneously balancing the decor.

Standing Lamp

Regardless of how well lit the room is, you can fill voided corners with a free-standing lamp. Assuming it's tall and skinny, you can squeeze it into the corner for a natural fit.

Using either of these solutions will help to fill corners in your home while enhancing the decor in the process. With that said, however, there's no rule -- written or unwritten -- stating that you must decorate every corner in every room. On the contrary, many homeowners prefer not to decorate their corners, which is perfectly fine. But if you choose to decorate them, consider the solutions listed here.

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