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How to Decorate Your Laundry Room

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 2/19/2018 to General Home Decor
How to Decorate Your Laundry Room

If you're one of the lucky homeowners with a dedicated laundry room, you should take advantage of it by decorating it with attractive details and accessories. While this isn't necessary to use your laundry room for the purpose it's intended for, decorating it will create a more enjoyable atmosphere to be in. As a result, you'll find yourself more at ease when it comes time to do the ever-dreaded laundry that's been piling up in your home.


If you haven't done so already, you'll want to come up a storage solution for your laundry room. Depending on how much extra space you have, installing a new shelving unit could provide you with tons of additional storage space that could be used for stashing away detergent, bleach, fabric sheets, clothes hangers, stain remover and any cleaning chemicals you have. The only problem is that many homeowners aren't going to have enough room for additional shelving if the washing machine and dryer take up the majority of the laundry room. In this case, you might still be able to install a short row of shelves over the washing machine and dryer.

An alternative storage option for your laundry room is to create a cubby bin area on one of the walls. You can then dedicate each of the bins to something like detergent, bleach, cleaning wipes, etc. After you've decided what to store in them, place a label on the front for reference. When you need one of these items, pull the bin out and take it.

Laundry Room Wall Colors

Painting the walls in your laundry room goes a long way in achieving a stylish and attractive decor. Best of all, you don't have to limit yourself to the same color scheme used in the rest of your home, so have some fun with your painting. The best all-around colors to use in the laundry room are those that are bright and vibrant, such as blue, yellow or green. This creates a naturally relaxing environment that literally brightens the mood around it.

You can take your laundry room colors one step further by using a different color on the wall where your washing machine and dryer are. For instance, if you painted the other three walls light blue, perhaps a darker blue or even a green would look good for the other wall.

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