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Home Office Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by CCEblogger on 10/17/2016 to General Office Decor
Home Office Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you work from home or not, you probably spend a decent chunk of time in the office. From paying bills and writing emails to preparing tax returns and filing receipts, the average homeowner uses his or her office several times a week. Because of this, it's important to decorate your home office with attractive colors and furnishings. Unfortunately, though, many homeowners are guilty of making the following mistakes when decorating -- or not decorating -- their home office.

Turning it Into a Storage Room

When you run out of space to store extra furnishings in your home, where's the first place it uses goes? Storing extra and/or unused furnishings in the office isn't a good idea, as it will hurt both the function and aesthetics of this room. If you're running out of space, consider either selling the extra furnishings, or perhaps you could rent a self-storage facility. Regardless, you should keep it out of your office, as this will only hurt your effects to create a clean and cohesive environment.

The 'Cord Monster'

Assuming you have at minimum a computer and monitor in your home office, you'll need to conceal the cords. Allowing a network of cords to be visible on and/or behind your desk doesn't exactly look nice. The good news is that you can buy desks and other office furniture with built-in cord compartments, which ultimately conceal all of your cords. Even if you don't own such a desk, you can always come up with other ideas to hide your cords.

Mismatching Color Palette

Which colors do you intend to use in your home office? As with most home decorating projects, this is a question you should answer before doing any major work. You should choose a color palette that's easy on the eyes and matches your existing furniture and furnishings.

Opting for Design Over Function

There's nothing wrong with choosing a highly stylish, "modern" looking office chair. However, you should emphasize function over design, especially when choosing an office chair. If the chair hurts your back -- or any other part of your body -- it's best to choose a different model. Make sure your office chair has proper lumbar back support and a cushioned seat; otherwise, you probably won't use your home office very often.

Lack of Storage

If there's one thing you'll need in a home office, it's storage space -- and lots of it. Turning a blind eye to storage space is a serious mistake that will end up costing you later down the road.

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