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Decorating a Sunroom: Where Do I Start?

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 11/20/2017 to General Home Decor
Decorating a Sunroom: Where Do I Start?

A sunroom is a brilliant addition to any home. Also known as a solarium or garden room, it's characterized by large windows on the sides as well as windows on the ceiling. The general idea is to allow sun to enter the area while still protecting the occupants from the weather. Like all rooms, however, sunrooms should be appropriately decorated for maximum utility. So, what's the right way to decorate a sunroom?

Skip the TV

A flatscreen TV is usually an excellent addition to a living space -- but not when it comes to decorating a sunroom. The entire purpose of a sunroom is to enjoy the outside landscape from the inside of your home. If there's TV in it, the focus won't be on the landscape. This is why it's recommended that you skip the TV when decorating your sunroom.

Arrange the Furniture

You'll want to arrange the furniture in a functional and aesthetically pleasing manner. Perhaps the most popular furniture arrangement for a sunroom is a U-shaped arrangement. As the name suggests, this involves arranging the furniture to create the shape of an upper-case letter U. Without a TV, though, you'll want to arrange your furniture so it looks towards the windows. This is in stark contrast to decorating a living room or other common areas in a home, which should be focused towards a central point and not the walls.

Area Rug

Don't forget to include an area rug in your sunroom. Why is this necessary? Well, area rugs serve a few purposes. First and foremost, they help define spaces, making them an invaluable component in creating a furniture arrangement. Secondly, they protect the flooring from damage. Whether your sunroom has carpet or hardwood floors, an area rug will preserve its appearance by protecting against common forms of damage.

Embrace Natural Lighting

One of the benefits of having a sunroom in your home is the natural light it creates. Instead of wasting energy on overhead fixtures, you can use natural light to illuminate and brighten your sunroom. Of course, this means opening the blinds and pulling back the curtains. If you have curtains or blinds covering the windows in your sunroom, you won't be able to take advantage of its natural lighting, in which case you'll spend more money on your power bill. So, embrace the natural lighting provided by your sunroom. After all, that's one of the great things about having a sunroom.

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