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Decorating a Room with Wood Paneling

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 3/22/2017 to General Home Decor
Decorating a Room with Wood Paneling

Are you tired of looking at outdated wood paneling in your home? While wood paneling was once a popular element in home design, it has since gone the way of the dinosaurs (thankfully). Homeowners today prefer the clean look of modern walls as opposed to wood paneling. So, what can you do to improve the look of your wood paneling?

Paint it

Removing the wood paneling is always one option to consider. For many homeowners, however, this project is simply too complex and time-consuming. However, an alternative solution is to paint the wood paneling. Being that wood paneling features a very distinct wood-grain color, you can easily change its appearance by painting it. In fact, it's oftentimes difficult to identify wood paneling if it's painted, making this a simple and effective way to transform this outdated design element.

Cover it

Rather than painting your wood paneling, perhaps you can cover it. Assuming it's limited to just a single small room, you can probably conceal the wood paneling by covering it with decorative accessories. Some ideas to consider include paintings, photos, wall art, vinyl art and cuckoo clocks. Of course, some of the wood paneling will likely remain visible -- and that's okay. The primary goal is to conceal the majority of the wood paneling so it's not overwhelming.

Embrace it

A third idea is to embrace your home's wood paneling. There's no rule stating that you must remove or otherwise conceal the wood paneling from your home. If you decorate the room with the right elements and colors, you can create an attractive environment that flows with the rest of your home. See below for some tips.

Here are some tips to follow when decorating a room with wood paneling:

  • Avoid the use of black furniture and black decorative accessories. Being that wood paneling typically features a natural brown tone, black shouldn't be used in conjunction with it.
  • Clean the wood paneling so it's not harboring dust and dirt. Wood paneling often accumulates airborne debris in its cracks and crevices, which can subsequently impact the surrounding decor.
  • Use bright colors to draw attention away from the wood paneling.
  • When decorating a living room with wood paneling, try arranging the furniture so it's not focused on the wood paneling.

These are just a few tips to follow when decorating a room with wood paneling.

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