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Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 1/17/2017 to General Home Decor
Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

The living room is the heart and soul of a typical modern-day home. It's where family members and guests gather to converse, and it's also one of the first things you see when stepping foot into your home. As such, it's important to decorate the living room with attractive colors and furnishings. Unfortunately, though, not every home has a large, ultra-spacious living room. While many homes are built with spacious living rooms, others have small living rooms with limited space. If your home falls under the latter category, we have some tips to help.

Define Walking Paths

One of the first things you should do when decorating a small living room is define the walking paths. In other words, determine where exactly family members and guests should walk when traversing through the area. Being that your living room is small, you'll need to think carefully about the walking paths. If there's too much furniture present, it could force family members and guests to zig-zag their way around the living room, which isn't exactly ideal. Also, consider whether or not the walking paths obstruct vision to the focal point. If your living room has a TV -- which many do -- you don't want people walking in front of it.

Use Area Rugs

An area rug is an essential decorative item that should be included in all living rooms, both big and small. It serves several purposes: area rugs protect the floor from damage, provide increased comfort, and add valuable colors and style to the surrounding environment. Consider the shape of your furniture arrangement and try choosing a similar-shaped area rug. If you have a circular-shaped furniture arrangement in your living room, for instance, try placing a circular-shaped area rug in the middle. Or if your living room furniture has a traditional L-shaped, perhaps a rectangular-shaped area rug will suffice.

Bright Colors

Don't underestimate the impact of colors in your living room decor. Generally speaking, dark colors create the perception of a smaller and more confined area. With your living room already limited in size, it's best to avoid decorating with dark colors for this reason. Instead, try decorating with bright colors. Whether it's red, orange, yellow, teal, light green, etc. bright colors create the appearance of a larger and more open area, which is exactly what you should strive for when decorating an otherwise small living room.

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