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Decorating Hacks for the Home

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 4/25/2017 to General Home Decor
Decorating Hacks for the Home

Whether you're decorating a single room or your entire home, you should consider the following hacks.

Turn Wine Bottles into Flower Vases

Flowers are an excellent addition to a home's decor. In addition to color, they bring a certain fragrant aroma that's simply not found elsewhere. Rather than spending a fortune on new vases, however, try using old wine bottles. Simply clean any remaining wine out of the bottle, fill it with a small amount of water, and place the cut flowers inside. You now have a brilliant decorative vase for your home!

Paint an Accent Wall

If you want to update your home with a new look but don't want to spend the money and time painting all four walls (or however many walls the room has), perhaps you can paint a single wall. Known as an "accent" wall, this is the perfect way to revitalize a room's decor. You can easily paint a single wall in just a few hours from start to finish, after which the environment will have a new look and feel. Just remember to choose a color that blends and flows cohesively with the surrounding decor.

Use Rope as a Curtain Hanger

Rather than using a traditional rod to hang your curtains, try using rope. There's a certain timeless rustic element associated with rope, making this is an excellent choice of decor for the home. Simply run the rope across the area where you want to hang the curtain, at which point you can loop it through. As a side benefit, rope is both durable and cheap, so this isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Create Picture Frames Using Black Tape

While picture frames are inexpensive and easy to acquire, you can use black tape as an alternative. Assuming the pictures are being hung on the wall, simply create a border on the desired area of the wall using black tape. From an outsider's perspective, it will look like an ordinary framed picture. But upon closer inspection, you'll see it's actually black tape. Of course, this only works when hanging pictures on the wall and not just placing them on a desk or counter top.

Chalk Paint

Have you heard of chalk paint? It's a type of paint that, once applied to a wall or surface, creates a chalkboard that you can write on and erase. Whether it's for a kid's room, your office or a spare bedroom, chalk paint is a fun and innovative alternative to traditional paint. Once you've applied it, wait for it to dry and use your imagination to draw a design. The great thing about chalk paint is that you can always change the way it looks by erasing your current design and drawing something else.

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