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Creating a Productivie Home Office: What You Should Know

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 8/22/2018
Creating a Productivie Home Office: What You Should Know

If you have a home office, you should design it with an emphasis on productivity. After all, the entire purpose of a home office is to offer a convenient and comfortable space in which to work. If it's poorly designed, though, it may promote low productivity, thereby reducing the effectiveness of this otherwise essential space. So, how can you create a more productive environment in your home office?

Decorate With Plants

Try to include houseplants in your home office's decor. Not only are they attractive, but studies have shown that plants can increase productivity levels. Researchers from the University of Exeter, for instance, found that office workers were 15% more productive when plants were added to their working space. It's unknown how plants increase productivity, but numerous studies have reinforced this belief.

Increase Lighting

You'll struggle to use your home office if it suffers from poor lighting. Without adequate lighting, you won't be to read, type or write -- three common tasks performed in offices. So, design your home office with plenty of lighting. Whether you choose traditional overhead fixtures with incandescent bulbs or "mood" lighting with energy-efficient CFL bulbs, your office needs ample lighting to create a productive environment.

Hang a Clock

Another way to improve productivity in your home office is to hang a clock on the wall. If you don't keep track of time, you won't be able to meet deadlines and stay focused. A simple solution is to hang a cuckoo clock on the wall. A traditional one-day cuckoo clock will sing every half-hour. Alternatively, you can glance at the clock to check the current time. Either way, a clock is an essential component of a productive home office.

Comfortable Furniture

When designing your home office, include comfortable furniture that's been ergonomically designed. Your office chair, for example, should feature proper support for your lower back (lumbar). If it lacks this support, you may experience back pain and other problems that hinder your ability to work.

Keep It Clean

A messy home office will limit and restrict your ability to use this area in a productive manner. We've all been guilty of neglecting to clean at some point or another. Maybe you're busy with family responsibilities, or perhaps you simply overlooked your home office. Regardless, allowing your office to become cluttered is a serious mistake that will impact the area's productivity. To create a productive home office, you need to keep clean and tidy.

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