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Cottage-Style Living Room Decor

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 2/16/2017 to General Home Decor
Cottage-Style Living Room Decor

Want to achieve a cottage-style decor in your living room? As you can see in the image above, it's a timeless style that's easy perfect for large living rooms. Cottage decor emphasizes the use of neutral colors and warm furnishings to create a stunning atmosphere. If this is something you are interested in, keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks.

Take a Picture

Assuming you have a smartphone, take a picture of your living room and use it as a source of reference when choosing paint, furniture and other decorative furnishings. With a photo in hand, you can choose items that match and flow cohesively with your living room decor. Rather than trying to remember what your living room looks like, a photo will reveal its exact appearance. This is a simple yet highly useful tip that many professional interior decorators sweat by.

Cottage Colors

Colors can make or break a cottage-inspired living room. If you look at examples of a cottage home, you'll notice it has a combination of neutral and bright colors. Cream and light blue, for instance, are two excellent colors that are perfect for this style of interior decor. Light blue has an almost warm atmosphere that really brightens the environment while lifting the mood. And cream is perfect for all living rooms, regardless of whether or not it's a cottage style. The bottom line is that you should choose colors for your living room that reflect the nature of cottage decor.

Throw Pillows

Something else that you'll notice when seeking inspiration for cottage decor is that it uses throws pillows, lots of throw pillows. Some people assume that throw pillows should only be used in the bedroom, but this isn't necessarily true. They are equally as useful in the living room, especially for a cottage-inspired living room. You can strategically place them on sodas, daybeds and other furniture for a warmer and more inviting atmosphere.

Painted Vintage Furniture

If you really want to achieve a genuine cottage decor in your living room, you should include painted vintage furniture in the area. You don't have to decorate the living room only with this style of furniture, but rather use it in conjunction with your existing furniture. Painted vintage furniture is the epitome of cottage decor. It has a naturally aged appearance while still embracing the colorful tone of cottage decor.



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