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Big Decorating Ideas for a Tiny Bedroom

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 12/12/2017 to General Home Decor
Big Decorating Ideas for a Tiny Bedroom

Just because your bedroom is small doesn't necessarily mean that you can't create an attractive decor. On the contrary, small bedrooms offer a "cozy" environment that's perfect for decorating. However, you should follow some basic tips when decorating a small bedroom to ensure the finished project is aligned with your vision.

Light Colors

The golden rule of decorating small spaces, including small bedrooms, is to use light colors. Why is this important? Well, light colors create the illusion of a larger and more open area, whereas dark colors have the opposite effect by creating the illusion of a smaller and more confined area. So, if you want your small bedroom to look larger and more open, you should stick with light colors.

Under-the-Bed Storage

Take advantage of under-the-bed storage solutions to create more storage space in your bedroom. Some bed frames are designed with pull-out drawers, which you can use to store books, clothing, electronics or pretty much anything else you want. Storage space is an invaluable commodity in small bedrooms, so choose a bed frame with additional storage such as this.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Following that same principle, it's recommended that you choose multi-purpose furniture for your bedroom. A desk, for instance, can act as a working space as well as a nightstand. Placing an alarm clock on top of it will allow you to check the time while resting in bed. Additionally, you can use this desk to browse the internet, write or read. This is just one example of multi-purpose furniture. If a particular piece of furniture has multiple functions, you should consider using it to your bedroom.

Go Vertical

Another space-saving idea for small bedrooms is to go vertical. In other words, choose furniture and storage solutions that go up rather than down. A dresser hutch with shelves, for instance, is a perfect addition to an otherwise small bedroom. You can fill the shelves with books or decorative accessories, freeing up valuable space in your bedroom.

Window Treatments

Finally, consider using tall window treatments to create the appearance of a larger room. For example, try hanging your curtains higher than the windows themselves. There's no rule stating that your curtains must be the same height as the windows themselves. On the contrary, hanging the curtains higher is an excellent way to improve the decor of a small bedroom. Just remember to choose curtains in a color that matches the rest of your bedroom decor.

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