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Benefits of Choosing a Quartz Cuckoo Clock

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 2/20/2018 to General Home Decor
Benefits of Choosing a Quartz Cuckoo Clock

A cuckoo clock is the perfect decorative accessory for the home or office. With origins dating back to Germany's Black Forest region, it has a rich, unparalleled history that's guaranteed to attract compliments. However, one of the things you'll need to consider when choosing a cuckoo clock is its method of power. Generally speaking, cuckoo clocks are either mechanically powered or battery powered. Also known as quartz cuckoo clocks, battery-powered cuckoo clocks offer several unique benefits that we're going to explore today in this blog post.

No Winding Required

One undeniable benefit of quartz cuckoo clocks is the simple fact that they don't require winding. Normally, you must wind a cuckoo clock every 30 hours or eight days, depending on its movement. Since quartz cuckoo clocks are powered by a battery, however, this isn't necessary. It will continue to produce the animated bird movement and cuckoo call as long as it has battery power.

Bird Calls Only on the Hour

Another reason why some people prefer battery-powered cuckoo clocks over their mechanical counterparts is that battery-powered cuckoo clocks only sing on the hour. This is in stark contrast to mechanical cuckoo clocks, which typically sing every half hour. If you want a cuckoo clock that only sings every hour, you should consider choosing a battery-powered model for this reason.

Additional Songs and Melodies

It's also worth noting that battery-powered cuckoo clocks typically have a greater selection of songs and melodies. While there are always exceptions, battery-powered cuckoo clocks typically have 12 different melodies -- one for each hour. This means it produces a new melody every hour for 12 hours, after which it cycles back through them. Because of this, quartz cuckoo clocks are a popular choice in homes and offices.

Automatic Turnoff

A relatively new feature that's commonly found in battery-powered cuckoo clocks is automatic turnoff. Basically, clocks with this feature will automatically disable their sound or melody in dark environments. The general idea is to prevent the clock from disturbing family members who are sleeping. When you turn off the lights in your bedroom, for instance, the clock will detect the darkness and respond by silencing its sound or melody. Cuckoo clocks with an automatic turnoff feature will still keep track of time. However, they won't produce sound in dark environments.

Battery-powered cuckoo clocks have become increasingly popular in recent years. As revealed in this post, they offer several key benefits, including automatic turnoff, more songs and melodies, bird calls on the hour, and no winding required.

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