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Bedroom Decorating 101: Where to Start

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 12/21/2016 to General Home Decor
Bedroom Decorating 101: Where to Start

Planning to redecorate your bedroom? If so, you'll want to balance functionality with aesthetics. Disregarding either of these elements is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Just because your bedroom looks nice doesn't necessarily mean that it's comfortable anf functional. On the other hand, just because your bedroom is functional doesn't necessarily mean that it looks nice. So, where should you begin when decorating your bedroom?

Color Scheme

As with most home decorating projects, it's usually a good idea to begin decorating your bedroom by choosing a color scheme. Which colors do you intend to use in your bedroom? A proper color scheme should feature a primary and secondary color at the very least, although it's perfectly fine to include additional colors assuming they match.

The Bed

When decorating your bedroom, select a location for your bed that's both practical and attractive to the decor. Many people assume that pushing the bed in the corner is the best solution, only to realize later that this isn't the case. Depending on the size and shape of your bedroom, however, there are probably other, better arrangements for the bed. If you have a traditional square-shaped bedroom, for instance, try placing your bed against the middle (not corner) of one of the walls. This will allow you to decorate the sides of the bed with end tables or other furnishings.


You can enhance the appearance of your bedroom by decorating it with seating like antique chairs, a day bed, benches, etc. Even if you have no intentions of using them, seating such as this plays a key role in the look and atmosphere of a modern-day bedroom.

The Floor

Yes, you can also decorate the floor of your bedroom -- something else that's commonly overlooked by homeowners. A simple area rug, for instance, is the perfect decorative accessory for a bedroom. It improves the aesthetics of the floor, while also creating a softer and more comfortable area. For the price, there's no better solution for the floors than an area rug. Just remember to choose a rug that flows cohesively with the rest of your bedroom decor.

These are just a few tips to follow when decorating the bedroom. Above all else, though, remember to keep your bedroom clean and free of clutter. You simply won't be able to create an attractive bedroom if it's riddled with clutter.

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