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Are You Using the Right Home Decor Accessories?

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 6/21/2017 to General Home Decor
Are You Using the Right Home Decor Accessories?

Accessories can make or break your home's decor. If you choose the wrong accessories -- or none at all -- you'll face an uphill battle trying to create an attractive environment. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners make this mistake. They focus all of their efforts on furniture and wall colors, paying little-to-no attention to the accessories. If you're struggling to choose the right decorative accessories for your home, follow the tips listed below.

Consider the Color

It's important to consider the color when choosing decorative accessories for your home. Hopefully, you're following a general theme in your home, in which case you should choose accessories in a cohesive color. If you're using a modern theme in your home decor that's characterized by black, for instance, you should avoid using brown accessories (brown and black clash). Instead, choose accessories in a color that flows with black, such as taupe, white, silver, red, etc.

Proportionate Sizes

Something else to consider when choosing decorative accessories for your home is its size in relation to the area where it will be used. Why is this important? Well, if you're decorating a large wall with a single 6x9 photo, it isn't going to look right. The small photo against the large, open wall will look awkward, making it a poor choice for your home decor. However, decorating the wall with a larger painting or even several photos creates a more proportionate and visually appealing design.

Go 'Unique'

Rather than choosing generic decorative accessories for your home, consider alternative accessories that are more unique. A cuckoo clock is the perfect decorative accessory for this very reason. Unlike traditional clocks, cuckoo clocks are more than just a timepiece; they are a work of art. Originating out of Germany's Black Forest, they are intricately handcrafted with an emphasis on quality on attention to detail. Whether used in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or elsewhere, you really can't go wrong with a genuine cuckoo clock in your home.

Hang at Eye-Level

When hanging artwork and other decorative accessories on your walls, a good rule of thumb is to hang at eye-level. Upon entering the room, your eyes should immediately fixate on the accessories. If you hang them too high or too low, however, it throws off the energy in the room, ultimately hurting your home's decor. So, be sure to hang all artwork at eye-level to prevent this from happening.

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