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6 Important Things to Consider When Decorating an Apartment

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 12/18/2017 to General Home Decor
6 Important Things to Consider When Decorating an Apartment

Decorating an apartment poses several unique challenges that tenants and their families need to be aware of. Since you are renting the apartment, you need to follow certain rules to ensure you get your security deposit back. Of course, this is just one thing you need to consider when decorating an apartment.

#1) Size

One of the first things to consider when decorating an apartment is the size. In other words, how big is the apartment, and does it offer enough space for all of your furniture? If you're moving from a house into an apartment, your existing furniture might be too large, in which case you'll have to invest in new smaller furniture.

#2) Living Room Layout

You should also consider the living room layout when decorating an apartment. There are multiple ways to design a living room, but it will ultimately depend on the layout of this space. If your living room is rectangular-shaped, perhaps you can use a traditional L-shaped furniture arrangement.

#3) Dining Room

What is the dining room like? While there are always exceptions, many modern-day apartments are designed with a small dining room attached next to the kitchen. Assuming your apartment follows this same design, you should stick with a basic dining room suite that's proportionately sized for your apartment.

#4) Check the Lease

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when decorating an apartment is the lease. In other words, find out what you are allowed to do and what's prohibited. You might be allowed to hang photos and decorations on the wall. Painting the walls, however, might be prohibited. And violating any of the rules in the lease could result in forfeiture of your security deposit.

#5) Traffic

Something else to consider when decorating your apartment is the flow of traffic. Ideally, there should be open traffic paths for entering and leaving the rooms and shared spaces. If there's furniture or other items blocking these paths, it will hurt your apartment's decor and function.

#6) Color

Finally, consider the colors used in your apartment decor. Generally speaking, brighter colors are recommended for smaller spaces, as it creates the illusion of a larger and more open area. With that said, your furniture and decorative accessories may restrict you to using one or more colors. If you need help choosing colors for your apartment, pick up some paint swatches at your local home improvement store and place them against the walls.


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