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6 Decorating Secrets to Improve Your Home

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 7/3/2017 to General Home Decor
6 Decorating Secrets to Improve Your Home

The right decor will enhance your home to create a more attractive, visually appealing environment -- but only if it's done correctly. Whether you're decorating your entire home or a single room, you should consider the following tips. We're going to reveal some home decor secrets that every homeowner should follow.

#1) Use Light Colors in Small Spaces

Many homeowners struggle to difficult small rooms and spaces. A simple solution, however, is to use light colors. Whether it's lime green, sky blue or even white, light colors create an optical illusion in which spaces appear larger than what they actually are.

#2) Use Slipcovers on Sofas

Tired of looking at your current sofa but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new one? A simple way to change the appearance of your sofa is to use a slipcover. You can buy them for about $40 to $60, which is a fraction of the cost of a new sofa. By placing a slipcover over your sofa, you'll transform its appearance with a new color and style.

#3) Create 'Faux Trim' with Paint

Another decorating secret is to create faux trim with paint. Trim is a brilliant addition to any home, but it's also expensive to add, especially when used in large rooms. Instead of installing real trim, though, you can paint the wall where you want it in a different color. Of course, paint isn't real trim, but the contrasting colors make it look real.

#4) Recessed Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in a home's decor and overall atmosphere. The problem with many traditional light fixtures, however, is their large and bulky appearance. The good news is that you can illuminate your home and brighten the atmosphere using recessed lighting. As the name suggests, recessed lighting is "recessed" into the ceiling, essentially concealing the fixture while still allowing it to produce light.

#5) Fewer, Better Quality Decorative Accessories

When choosing decorating accessories for your home, you should follow the "less is more" approach. Rather than stuffing your home with an excessive amount of accessories, consider using fewer, better quality pieces. A cuckoo clock, for instance, is a brilliance decorative piece that's guaranteed to enhance your home's appearance.

#6) Define Living Spaces

Lastly, define the different areas throughout your home -- living room, foyer, hallways, etc. -- with their own theme. These areas can share certain visual elements, but each living space should have its own central theme or idea.

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