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5 Ways to Reduce Your Home's Cooling Expenses This Summer

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 5/29/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Ways to Reduce Your Home's Cooling Expenses This Summer

The summer heat can make it difficult to stay outdoors for long periods of time, but the good news is that you can cool off by running the air conditioner in your home. Before cranking up the air conditioner this summer, though, you should follow a few tips to lower your home's energy usage. Climate control systems consume more energy in a typical home than any other system. But there are ways to make your home's air conditioning system more energy efficient and save money in the process.

#1) Change the Air Filter

How long has it been since you changed the air filter in your home? Most HVAC technicians recommend changing it once every 60 to 90 days. If left unchanged for longer than 90 days, dust and particulate matter will build up on the filter, restricting the flow of air and making your air conditioner less energy efficient.

#2) Set the Thermostat

Tweaking the thermostat can make a big difference in your home's monthly electric bills, especially during the summer. Assuming you have a programmable thermostat (which you should), set the temperature lower during the evening and night when your home is occupied and higher when it's unoccupied. If everyone is away at school or work during the day, raising the temperature on your thermostat will save money on cooling expenses.

#3) Seal Leaks

Go throughout your home to find and fix air leaks. If there's an opening around the bottom of a door, for instance, cooled air will escape, thus increasing your home's cooling expenses. For air leaks such as this, you can install weatherstripping to the bottom of doors. For other leaks, consider using caulk or sealant. Plugging all air leaks in your home will keep cool air inside your home to create a more comfortable and efficient living environment for you and your family.

#4) Get a Tune Up

Consider getting your air conditioner tuned up if you have't done so already. Performed by an HVAC technician, this service includes dozens of tasks that involve inspecting and optimizing the air conditioner for maximum performance and efficiency. If your air conditioner is leaking coolant, for example, the technician can identify the source of the leak so that it can plugged up.

#5) Use a Window AC Unit

Finally, investing in a window air conditioner unit can save you money on your home's cooling expenses this summer. Window air conditioners work the same as a traditional air conditioner unit. However, their small size makes them highly efficient. And if you only need to cool one or two rooms, using a window air conditioner will save you energy and, subsequently, money.

These are just a few ways to reduce your home's cooling expenses this summer.

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