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5 Tips to Maintain and Preserve Wooden Patio Furniture

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 3/20/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Tips to Maintain and Preserve Wooden Patio Furniture

There's no substitution for the classic style and elegance of wooden patio furniture. Sure, you can probably purchase a set of plastic furniture for a fraction of the cost, but it pales in comparison to the stylish look of genuine wooden furniture. If you plan on using wooden furniture on your patio, though, you'll need to care for it; otherwise, it may degrade and wear down over time. So, how exactly do you care for wooden patio furniture?

#1) Identify the Type of Wood

You must first identify the type of wood used in the furniture's construction. Different wood types have different characteristics. Teak wood, for instance, contains natural oils that protect against mold and mildew, whereas other types do not. Whether it's a chair, stool, table, etc., you should identify the type of wood used in its construction so you can better care for it.

#2) Choose a Shaded Area

Ideally, you should place your wooden patio furniture in a shaded area to protect it from sun damage. Sun exposure shouldn't cause any structural damage to your wooden furniture, but it may cause the color to fade. This isn't something that happens overnight. Rather, it takes months of exposure to the sun's UV rays before any noticeable fading occurs. Nonetheless, you can preserve the color of your wooden patio furniture by placing it in a shaded area.

#3) Apply UV-Protectant

If you really want to protect your wooden patio furniture from sun fading, consider using a UV-protectant spray. As the name suggests, this spray creates a barrier between the furniture to which it's applied and the sun's UV rays. Once applied, it blocks the sun's UV light; thus, preserving the original color of your furniture and protecting it from sun fading.

#4) Clean It

Of course, you should also get into the habit of cleaning your wooden patio furniture on a regular basis. You can typically clean wooden furniture using a sponge or brush and mild dish soap. Pour a small amount of dish soap into a bucket and fill with water. Once mixed, apply the soapy solution to your wooden furniture, scrubbing it down to remove any stubborn dirt or debris.

#5) Keep It Dry

Finally, try to keep your wooden patio furniture dry. While certain types of wood are less susceptible to moisture damage than others, it's a good idea to err on the side of caution by keeping your wooden furniture dry. If it's placed directly under your roof, for instance, rain may fall onto it from the roof. Over time, this excess moisture may cause your wooden furniture to develop mold and mildew.

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