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5 Tips to Keep Pollen Off Your Patio Furniture

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 7/9/2018
5 Tips to Keep Pollen Off Your Patio Furniture

It's hard to enjoy your patio and everything it offers when your furniture is covered in pollen. Sitting down on a pollen-covered chair or bench will likely result in at least some of the pollen getting on your clothes. And if you have allergies -- like millions of Americans do -- this can trigger an allergy attack. You don't have to stay cooped up inside your home all 365 days a year, though, With a little work, you keep your patio furniture pollen free.

#1) Avoid High-Pollen Flowers

When designing the landscape around your patio, try to avoid high-pollen flowers. While all flowers produce at least some pollen, levels vary depending on the particular type of flower. Some of the worst flowers in terms of pollen production include chamomile, daises, goldenrod and sunflower.

#2) Install a Misting System

You might be surprised to learn that a misting system can help control pollen on your patio furniture. Normally, misting systems are installed to create a cooler and more comfortable outdoor environment during the otherwise hot summer months. They live up to their namesake by spraying a light water mist over the patio. As a side benefit, though, a misting system will also catch and control pollen.

#3) Clean Furniture

The most effective way to control pollen on your patio furniture is to clean it. When you discover the characteristic yellow-tinted layer of pollen covering your furniture, get the garden hose and spray it down. Even without any special cleaning product, water from a garden hose will eliminate most pollen from your furniture. If you see any lingering pollen left behind, get a washcloth and scrub it down. Regardless of the type of furniture or material from which it's made, this will remove pollen from it.

#4) Install a Screen

Another idea is to enclose your patio with a screen. Of course, this isn't necessary if your patio is already screened in. Assuming it's not, though, installing a screen around your patio will reduce the amount of pollen that enters and, subsequently, ends up on your furniture. Additionally, it will keep bees and other flying pests out of your patio. The only downside is that enclosing a patio with a screen can be difficult and expensive, especially if it's a large patio.

#5) Bring Furniture Indoors

Last but not least, you should consider bringing your patio furniture indoors when it's not being used. If you only have a few chairs on your patio, you can easily grab them and bring them indoors. As long as your furniture is indoors, they shouldn't be exposed to pollen.

Don't let a high pollen count prevent you or your family from enjoying your patio. Follow these five tips to keep pollen off your patio furniture and enjoy this extension of your home.

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