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5 Tips to Follow When Storing Items in the Attic

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 6/27/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Tips to Follow When Storing Items in the Attic

Are you running out of storage space in your home? This is an all-too-common problem experienced by millions of homeowners and their families. When this occurs, you may find yourself stacking boxes and plastic containers up the ceiling in your bedroom and spare bedrooms. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the appearance and functionality of your home, which is why it's recommended that you use your attic instead. However, there are a few things you should know when storing items in your attic.

#1) Inspect for Pests

First, inspect your attic for pests. If you see signs of common pests like cockroaches or mice, you should contact a professional pest control company before attempting to store items here. Otherwise, the pests may damage your items. Besides, no one wants to store their items in an area infested with pests.

#2) Check Humidity

It's also a good idea to check the humidity level in your attic. If it's too humid, the excess moisture vapor may damage your items. This is particularly true when speaking about books, magazines, clothes and other items made of organic material. Even if the lower "living" levels of your home have a moderate humidity level, the attic may have a high humidity level. The only way you'll know is by using a humidity gauge to read the level.

#3) Use Plastic Containers

Rather than placing your items freely on the attic floor, secure them in a plastic container and then place them in the attic. You can purchase plastic contains for about $5 to $10, which is a small price to pay considering the protection they offer. Plastic containers will protect your items from moisture, dust, dirt and other potential hazards, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are items are safe and secure.

#4) Organize

Of course, you should organize your items so that you can easily access them in the future if needed. Don't just stack boxes as high as you can. Instead, place similar items together while leaving a walking path open.

#5) Inspect Regularly

Finally, try to get into the habit of inspecting your items on a regular basis. You never know what can happen in your attic: the roof may collapse, a water pipe may burst, etc. Checking on your items will allow you to identify problems early, before they progress into bigger problems.

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