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5 Tips on Decorating Living Room End Tables

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 7/4/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Tips on Decorating Living Room End Tables

Creating an attractive living room begins with choosing the right furniture. While there are many different types of furniture available for the living room, coffee tables and end tables are arguably the most important -- at least for aesthetics. In this post, we're going to reveal some essential decorating tips on choosing and using end tables in the living room. Whether you're designing your living room from scratch or looking to update it with a new design, you should consider the five following end table tips.

#1) Matching Color

When choosing end tables for your living room, stick with the same color as your coffee table. If your coffee table is black, for example, your end tables should also be black. If it's brown, on the other hand, they should also be brown. Using a cohesive color with your end tables and coffee table creates a more uniform decor throughout your living room.

#2) Quality Counts

Consider quality when choosing end tables for your living room. The home furnishings market has been flooded with low-quality products in recent years. While you can probably save money by choosing low-quality end tables made of cheap particle board, you have to consider their long-term value. With cheap end tables, you may find yourself replacing or repairing them just a few years down the road, making them a poor financial investment.

#3) Keep It Clean

If you're going to use end tables in your living room, you should keep them clean. There's no universal method for cleaning end tables. Rather, it varies depending on the material or materials from which it's constructed. If your end tables are made of glass, for example, you can probably clean them using a streak-free, ammonia-based glass cleaner product. If they are made of wood, you can clean them using a traditional furniture polishing spray. Either way, you should keep your end tables clean to improve your living room decor.

#4) Place on Sides of Couch

Although there are exceptions, end tables typically work best when placed on the ends of a couch. This helps to create a more balanced space while maintaining the symmetrical appearance of your furniture. The key thing to remember is that your end tables should feature a similar style as the couch or furniture to which they are placed next.

#5) Use Space Wisely

Finally, you should use the space offered by your end tables wisely. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that you shouldn't allow your end tables to become cluttered with unnecessary items like remote controls and junk mail. Rather, use them to show off decorative accessories that will enhance your living room decor.

Don't let your living room suffer from a lackluster decor. Following these tips to effectively use end tables in your living room decor.

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