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5 Tips on Choosing Furniture for the Living Room

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 6/13/2017 to General Home Decor
5 Tips on Choosing Furniture for the Living Room

No living room is complete without furniture. Serving both functional and decorative purposes, furniture is the "backbone" behind every modern living room. But if you're thinking about buying new furniture for your living room, there are a few things you should know.

#1) Shape

Consider the shape when choosing living room furniture. Most homeowners prefer a traditional L-shaped furniture arrangement, which is characterized by a single long piece of furniture (usually a couch), alongside a perpendicular, shorter piece of furniture (usually a loveseat). Assuming you want this arrangement for your living room, you'll need to choose furniture in the appropriate shape.

#2) Go 'Two-Tone'

Some homeowners assume that it's best to choose living room furniture in the same, single color. If you have a black couch, for instance, you may purchase a similar black-colored loveseat to retain the color scheme. While this is always an option, a more aesthetically pleasing solution is to choose furniture in two different colors. Known as a two-tone color scheme, this is a simple and effective way to improve the visual appeal of your living room.

#3) Consider the Fabric

Living room furniture is available in a wide range of materials and fabrics. So, choose the fabric that's best suited for your home. Microfiber has become a popular choice in recent years, as it's inexpensive, soft, and looks great. However, you really can't go wrong with leather either. Just remember that genuine leather furniture comes with a premium price tag, and it's also susceptible to damage when exposed to water and liquids.

#4) Fewer, Better Pieces

When choosing living room furniture, it's best to follow the mantra "Less is more." Instead of cluttering your living room with numerous low-quality pieces, stick with just a few pieces of high-quality furniture. You have to think of your living room furniture as an investment: while high-quality pieces cost more, you'll end up getting more use of them -- and that makes it well worth the cost.

#5) Accessorize Your Furniture

After choosing furniture for your living room, it's time to accessorize them. A few strategically placed throw pillows, for instance, are the perfect way to enhance the visual style of your furniture. It introduces new color, while also making your couches and loveseats just a little more comfortable.

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