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5 Tips for a Modern Dining Room

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 3/28/2017 to General Home Decor
5 Tips for a Modern Dining Room

Modern decor is the perfect choice for a dining room. Whether you're looking to revitalize your dining room's appearance or simply update it with a new look, you can't go wrong with this style. It's characterized by clean lines, dark and neutral colors, and a warm blend of comfort and functionality. So, how exactly do you create a modern dining room?

Check the Lighting

What type of lighting does your dining room have? Opting for a generic overhanging fixture isn't going to cut it. If you want to create a truly modern decor, you'll need to use a lighting fixture with greater aesthetic value. A mini chandelier is an excellent choice, as it embraces the characteristics of modern decor. Another option is pendant lighting, which lives up to its namesake by featuring a pendant-like design.

Black Furniture, Not Brown

When choosing furniture for your modern dining room, it's recommended that you stick with black instead of brown furniture. Why is this necessary? Well, if you look at examples of modern dining rooms, you'll notice that many of them feature black. There's just something naturally appealing to black in modern decor. It's a classic color that's easy to match with other furnishings and decorative accessories. Brown, on the other hand, doesn't offer this same aesthetic value when used in a modern dining room.

Dining Table: Less is More

Don't make the mistake of cluttering your dining table with an excessive amount of items. You can still decorate with a centerpiece and table settings, but you should keep these items to a minimum. Modern decor is all about simplicity -- and it's difficult to achieve this when your dining table is cluttered.

Decorate the Walls

Of course, you should also decorate the walls of your modern dining room. From traditional paintings and photos to vinyl wall art and cuckoo clocks, the possibilities are endless. One of the great things about modern decor, however, is the freedom is offers to choose your own wall decorations.


Last but not least, try to incorporate some plants into your modern dining room. Again, you'll notice this a common addition to many modern dining rooms -- and for good reason: houseplants add a unique element that's not achieved through traditional decorative accessories. Furthermore, houseplants promote cleaner air by filtering dust, germs and impurities from the air.

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