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5 Simple Solutions for a Boring Bedroom

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 9/25/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Simple Solutions for a Boring Bedroom

Is your bedroom suffering from a boring decor? It's difficult to fully enjoy this area of your home when it's poorly decorating. Whether it's a mismatching color scheme or the wrong furnishings, you shouldn't turn a blind eye to this problem. While some homeowners assume that redecorating their bedroom costs thousands of dollars and takes dozens of hours of labor, this isn't necessarily true. With just a little work, you can easily revitalize your bedroom decor.

#1) New Bedding

Start by replacing your current bedding with new bedding. You can purchase a set of new bed linens for about $50 to $100. Once placed on your bed, it will instantly revitalize your bedroom's decor with a new look. Just remember to choose a bedding set in a color that flows cohesively with the surrounding furnishings. If your bedroom's primary color is brown, for example, avoid using black linens because brown and black don't match.

#2) Add More Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an excellent accessory to include in your bedroom's decor. They provide new color, style, texture and other visual elements, all for the nominal investment of your time and energy. And unlike most other bedroom decorations, throw pillows are inexpensive and easy to use. You can find them available for sale at most home goods and furnishings stores for as little as $5 a piece. Assuming you purchase just five of them -- which is usually more than enough for a typical bedroom -- that's only a $25 investment.

#3) Decorate the Walls

You can't expect to create an attractive bedroom decor if the walls are left blank. A complete, cohesive decor requires wall decorations. Without wall decorations, your bedroom will have an unbalanced decor in which there's too much voided space. Thankfully, this problem is easily prevented by decorating the walls with accessories like framed photos, paintings, wall clocks and vinyl artwork.

#4) Use Rugs

The living room isn't the only area in which you can use rugs. You can also use them in your bedroom to improve the decor while creating a more functional space in the process. Placing just a single medium- or large-sized run in the center of your bedroom helps to balance the space. Furthermore, it protects the underlying floor from damage.

#5) Replace Light Fixture

What type of light fixture does your bedroom use? If it's a cheap, poorly designed fixture, perhaps it's time for an upgrade. Replacing the fixture with a new, more stylish fixture can make a big impact on your bedroom's decor. You can even choose a fixture with mood lighting so that you can turn it up or down for an atmospheric effect.

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