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5 Signs it's Time to Redecorate Your Home

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 12/28/2016 to General Home Decor
5 Signs it's Time to Redecorate Your Home

When was the last time that you redecorated your home? Even the most well-put-together home should receive a makeover on occasion. So, how do you when it's time to redecorate your home? Check out the following tall-tale signs.

The Walls are Still White

This rule is particularly relevant for new homeowners. When you move into a new home, there's a good chance the walls will be white. Sellers and builders typically paint the walls white, offering a "blank palette" so to speak for the new owner. Unfortunately, white doesn't offer any real value in terms of style or aesthetics, which is why you should paint the walls a different color.

The Colors Clash

Another sign that it's time to redecorate your home is clashing colors. Certain color combinations clash with one another; thus, negatively affecting the decor and overall atmosphere. Brown and black is a prime example of this phenomenon. Going back to the basics of home decor 101, brown and black do not mix. If you have this color combination or any other clashing combination in your home, it's time to redecorate it.

New Year

Of course, there's no better time than the beginning of a new year to redecorate your home. The new year signals a fresh new start -- something that's easily reflected through your home decor. You don't have to necessarily redecorate your home on January 1, but you should consider doing it sometime in the month of January. It's a great way to ring in the new year while creating a more pleasing living environment for you and your family members.

Outdated Decor

Much like fashion, home decor trends change from year to year. If it's been several years since you've updated your home's decor, perhaps it's time for a new makeover. Outdated decor can have a severe impact on the atmospheric mood of your home. This is easily fixed, however, with a simple redecorating.

There's Too Much Furniture

If you're forced to zig-zag your way around furniture, it's probably time to rearrange your furnishings. Some homeowners are guilty of adding too much furniture, only to create a messy layout with poor functionality. The appearance of a home is only one element to consider when decorating; equally as important is the function. So, consider the function of your furniture when decorating, removing unnecessary items and rearranging existing items to improve the function.

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