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5 Rules to Follow When Decorating a Studio Apartment

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 8/1/2017 to General Home Decor
5 Rules to Follow When Decorating a Studio Apartment

Also known as a studio flat in the United Kingdom, a studio apartment is a small apartment unit that's characterized by a single, open space. Unlike conventional apartments and homes, studio apartments do not have individual rooms. Instead, the living room, bedroom and kitchen/kitchenette are combined into a single space. As a result, many residents of studio apartments struggle to decorate their space. If you're looking to improve the decor of your studio apartment, consider the following tips listed below.

#1) Don't Treat It Like a Single Space

Because studio apartments lack individual, separate rooms, some residents have a tendency to decorate them like a single space. For instance, it's not uncommon for studio apartments to feature the same color scheme and furniture style throughout the entire space. While this may seem harmless enough, it doesn't effectively utilize the space to its full potential.

#2) Decorate Each Area Differently

Rather than treating your entire studio apartment like a single space, consider decorating each area differently. If you decorate your kitchen with light blue, for instance, consider using a different color like green in the living room area. By decorating each area differently, you'll create the impression that your studio apartment has individual spaces -- and this is exactly what you should strive to accomplish with a studio apartment.

#3) Choose Fewer, Higher Quality Pieces

Studio apartments have a limited, finite amount of space. Therefore, you need to choose your furniture carefully. Instead of stuffing your apartment with dozens of oversized furniture pieces, consider using fewer, higher quality pieces instead. When it comes to decorating a studio apartment, the mantra "Less is more" rings true.

#4) Use Rugs to Define Areas

A fourth rule that you should follow when decorating a studio apartment is to define areas with rugs. While furniture can help you define areas, rugs are particularly useful for their purpose. Assuming you choose the right size and shape, rugs can essentially define the different spaces of your studio apartment. If your living room area is rectangular, consider using a similar rectangular-shaped rug.

#5) Decorative Storage

Because studio apartments lack individual spaces, many residents simply toss their clothes and belongings on the ground. Of course, this is a serious mistake that will ultimately clutter your apartment. To prevent this from happening, consider using decorative storage solutions, such as an ottoman, portable closet, etc.

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