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5 Rules to Follow When Decorating Your Bedroom

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 7/31/2017 to General Home Decor
5 Rules to Follow When Decorating Your Bedroom

Achieving an attractive, functional bedroom design is important for several reasons. Of all the rooms in a typical home, this is the one where you'll probably spend most of your time. The bedroom also reflects the rest of your home's decor. If you fail to create a pleasing environment, it will negatively affect the rest of your home. But there are a few rules you should follow when decorating your bedroom, which we're going to explore in this blog post.

#1) Hang Wall Art at Eye Level

When decorating your bedroom's walls with paintings, framed photos or any other decorative pieces, you should hang it at eye level, which is usually around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. By hanging your wall art at this height, you'll create a more balanced and appropriate decor. If you hang it any higher or lower, the artwork will bring down the mood of your bedroom.

#2) Keep the Floor Clean

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but it's still worth mentioning that you should keep your bedroom floors clean and free of debris. Allowing the floors to become cluttered is a serious home decorating faux pas. Furthermore, it can restrict the utility of your bedroom, preventing you from walking around and enjoying your bedroom as it's supposed to be used.

#3) Avoid White Walls

Another rule to follow when decorating your bedroom is to avoid using white walls. If you recently moved into your home, for instance, the walls may be white. Some homeowners assume there's nothing wrong white, so they leave it up. However, white walls create the appearance of a bland, uninspiring environment -- and that's exactly what you should avoid in your bedroom. Instead of white, consider a more appropriate color, such as beige, teal, sky blue or even maroon.

#4) Choose Proportionate Furniture

Be sure to choose furniture that's proportionately sized for your bedroom. If your bedroom is small, for instance, you should use equally small furniture. Trying to stuff oversized furniture into a small bedroom isn't going to work. Consider the size of your bedroom and choose furniture that's proportionate.

#5) Decorate the Windows

Finally, don't forget to decorate your bedroom windows. Hanging some stylish curtains over your windows will enhance the decor while also blocking out the sunlight. You can also combine your curtains with some high-quality blinds, such as bamboo or wood blinds.

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