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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating an Apartment

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 10/31/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating an Apartment

Living in an apartment certainly has its perks when compared to living in a house or other residential dwelling. You don't have to worry about mowing the lawn, and you may even have access to a gym and pool. But just like a house, you'll need to decorate your apartment. Otherwise, it won't feel like home. When decorating your apartment, though, you should avoid making the following five mistakes.

#1) Hanging Photos and Artwork Too High

If you're going to hang photos and/or artwork on the wall, you should do so at the appropriate height. Hanging them too low or too high disturbs the balance of the room, thereby creating an awkward decor. So, how high should you hang photos and artwork in your apartment? The golden rule of decorating is to hang items at eye level, which is about 57 to 60 inches.

#2) Not Getting Permission to Paint the Walls

There's nothing with painting the walls of your apartment, but you'll want to get permission from the landlord or property manager first. Because apartments are rental complexes -- you pay to live in them rather than buy them -- there might be restrictions regarding what you can and can't do. If the landlord prohibits tenants from painting the walls and you proceed to paint your apartment's walls anyway, you might not get back your security deposit.

#3) Using Too Much Furniture

There's a fine line you balance when furnishing your apartment. You want to fill it with enough furniture to create a cohesive and functional decor. At the same, you don't want to use so much furniture that it creates a claustrophobic atmosphere in your apartment. If it looks like your apartment has too much furniture, don't be afraid to remove some and place it in storage.

#4) No Defined Traffic Paths

You should define traffic paths when decorating your apartment. In other words, where do you (and other family members in your apartment) intend to walk? You can decorate your apartment with high-end furniture and use all the right decorative accessories, but it's not going to help you create a warm and welcoming home unless it features clearly defined traffic paths. These paths should be straight, and they shouldn't force you to zig-zag around items in your home.

#5)  Using a Single Color

Don't limit your apartment's decor to a single color. It's perfectly fine to use multiple colors in the decor -- and doing so will help you create a more stylish and attractive home. The key thing to remember is that you need to choose colors for your apartment's decor that match. If there's black in the decor, for example, stick with other colors that match black. Using brown in a room with black isn't a good idea because it clashes with black. White, however, is a great way to offset the dark tone to black.

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