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5 Easy Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 10/17/2018 to General Home Decor
5 Easy Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom

Storage space is an invaluable commodity in a bedroom. If your bedroom features little or no storage space, it will quickly become cluttered -- and no one wants to sleep in a cluttered bedroom. But not all bedrooms have a large, spacious layout with plenty of options for storage. If this sounds familiar, consider the following tips to include more storage space in your bedroom.

#1) Under-the-Bed Containers

Assuming you have a traditional bed with a four-post frame, you can store items underneath it. Rather than just shoving items underneath your bed, though, invest in plastic containers. You can purchase plastic containers for about $10 to $20 a piece, and you'll only need a few to take advantage of the storage space underneath your bed. From clothes and books to electronics and shoes, under-the-bed containers are the perfect storage solution for a bedroom.

#2) Install Wall Shelves

Wall shelves aren't used strictly for displaying decorative accessories; they are also perfect for storing items. If your bedroom has limited storage space, install one or more rows of shelves on the wall. The addition of new shelves will free up tons of storage space in your bedroom. And if you have extra space leftover, you can use them to display pictures, artwork, sculptures and other decorative accessories.

#3) Behind-the-Door Shoe Rack

How many pairs of shoes do you own? It's not uncommon for people to own a dozen or more pairs. Unfortunately, this means shoes are often scattered across the bedroom floor. To prevent this from happening in your bedroom, install a behind-the-door shoe rack. As the name suggests, this shoe rack hangs over the back of a door. You can hang it either behind your bedroom's main door or the closet door (if it has a closet).

#4) Storage Ottoman

Another great way to free up storage space in your bedroom is to use a storage ottoman. These ottomans like and feel like traditional ottomans. The only difference is that they contain a hollow inside where you can store items. Storage ottomans offer the blend of aesthetics and functionality. They'll enhance your bedroom's decor while creating new storage space in the process.

#5) Standing Shelves

Who says you can't use a standing shelf in your bedroom if you have shelves installed on the wall? It's perfectly fine to include both types of shelves -- standing and wall -- in your bedroom. In fact, doing so will provide new space where you can store your belongings.

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