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5 Cheap Bathroom Renovations that Won't Break the Bank

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 8/22/2017 to General Home Decor
5 Cheap Bathroom Renovations that Won't Break the Bank

Who says renovating your bathroom has to cost an arm and a leg? While there are plenty of expensive renovation projects, others are more affordable. So, if you're looking to renovate your bathroom without breaking your bank account, consider the following five ideas.

#1) Re-Caulk It

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, bathroom caulk will eventually become dirty and discolored. This typically doesn't happen overnight. Rather, years of exposure to the moist, humid atmosphere in a bathroom will cause these changes. The good news, however, is that you can revitalize the appearance of your bathroom by re-caulking the tile -- a simple and inexpensive project that typically costs less than $50 bucks.

#2) Towel Holders

Another inexpensive renovation idea is to install new towel holders. Towel holders serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in the bathroom. They bring new style and decor to the environment while also giving you a place to hang your towels. Best of all, installing new towel holders is a quick and easy project that most homeowners can do themselves, eliminating the need for a professional contractor.

#3) Paint the Walls

We can't talk about bathroom renovation ideas without mentioning paint. Whether you use the same color or a different color, repainting your bathroom walls will instantly transform the decor, allowing for a more colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

When choosing paint for the bathroom, however, make sure it's resistant to moisture. Failure to use the right type of paint may result in it peeling or even pulling away from the wall.

#4) Mirror

Some homeowners assume that installing a new vanity is the best way to improve the decor of their bathroom. While this is always an option, an easier and more affordable solution is to simply replace the mirror. Most bathroom vanities are sold with generic mirrors that don't add much aesthetic value. By replacing your vanity mirror with a larger and more decorative mirror, you'll reap the benefits of an enhanced bathroom decor.

#5) New Showerhead

Finally, consider installing a new showerhead in your bathroom. Showerheads are inexpensive and easy to replace. And like towel holders, showerheads offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. You can even go beyond traditional showerheads by choosing a "rainfall" design, which as the name suggests, drips water similar to that of a rainfall.

These are just a few easy and inexpensive bathroom renovations to consider. Regardless of which project you choose, set a budget beforehand and estimate the price of all necessary goods and services. Following this simple format will ensure your bathroom renovation

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