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4 Rules to Follow When Decorating with Candles

Posted by CCE Bloggers on 3/16/2017 to General Home Decor
4 Rules to Follow When Decorating with Candles

Few decorative accessories offer the same level of versatility as candles. Whether it's a small votive or a larger candle, you can't go wrong when using them in the home. Some sources even claim that candles, when used in home decor, promote a more relaxed, stress-free environment -- and that's something from which we can all benefit. But there are a few things you should know about decorating a home with candles.

Choose Natural, Non-Synthetic Candles

It's recommended that you choose candles made of natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals/ingredients. The problem with the latter is that many synthetic candles emit harmful toxic fumes into the air when burned -- toxins to which you and your family are exposed. A soy candle, on the other hand, is a better choice since it doesn't produce these same toxic fumes.

Less is More

Don't overdo it with too many candles in your home. There's nothing wrong with decorating rooms and areas with colorful candles, but this is one instance in which the saying "Less is more" holds true. Cluttering your home with an excessive amount of candles will only hurt your decorating efforts by creating a tacky appearance. To avoid this from happening, limit your use of candles to no more than three per room.

Consider the Color

One of the great things about decorating a home with candles is the color it offers. If you've ever shopped for candles before (and I'm assuming you have), you may have noticed just how many different colors they come in. From standard white and beige, to red, yellow, pink and blue, the possibilities are endless. As such, you can choose a candle color that matches the surrounding decor. If you're decorating a room with red walls, perhaps you can choose candles featuring a similar red color.

Choose the Right Size

Being that candles are available in so many different sizes, it's important to choose the right size. If you intend to place it on a large fireplace mantel, for instance, you should choose a candle that's large enough to draw attention. If you place a small candle on a large mantel or similar large surface, it will look awkward and unattractive. Your candles need to be proportionately sized to the room or area in which they are used.

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